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Monogram Parametric - Monophonic Drum Synthesizer (Max4Live)

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Monogram Parametric 1 is a monophonic drum synthesizer for Ableton Live with note-lockable parameters. Each note within an octave can be assigned a set of parameters.

To create note parameter locks, follow these steps:

1. Click or play a note on your keyboard, then press the right-hand note display.

2. The text should change from "playing" to "editing".

3. Adjust the knobs to assign a set of parameters for the note. Once you're satisfied with the sound, click the note display again so it says "playing".

4. Tip!: MP-1 has a simple 1-operator FM circuit that can be enabled by clicking on the "fm" heading. FM can also be locked per note.

5. Your note and parameter settings are now locked.

6. Use this technique to create a drum set across the octave.

7. If a note is not assigned, it will play the last triggered sound chromatically, which can be creatively used for melodic variations.

Please be aware that this plugin is experimental, and while it has been well tested in my current setup (Live 11 Suite), you may encounter unexpected behavior.

To install the plugin:

Important! This plugin requires Max 4 Live!

1. Add MP-1 v.1.1.amxd to your user library.

2. Open Ableton Live and drag or load MP-1 v.1.1.amxd from the file browser to an empty MIDI track.

For more updates follow

You can also listen to a variety of tracks using this plugin here

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Monogram Parametric - Monophonic Drum Synthesizer (Max4Live)

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